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Courage to face challenges and dedicate  2022-04-23
Promote the green and low-carbon develop 2022-03-21
Environmental Protection System 2021-12-25
Civilized Construction Environmental Pro 2021-10-18
Carbon peak and carbon neutral targets f 2021-09-13
Quality and Safety are the "bottom line" 2021-06-13
With a high standard market system, the  2021-02-09
Problems and measures existing in qualit 2020-12-16
Summary of work priorities of the eight  2020-04-16
Policy warm wind blows frequently, new i 2020-03-26
Warmly congratulate the "Runde" sailing  2022-10-20
Warm congratulations - the signing cerem 2022-08-03
The press conference to celebrate the si 2022-05-17
Tianrun Group won the bid for Ecuador dr 2022-02-28
Tianrun Group held a video conference on 2022-01-18
Tianrun Group held a meeting on the rect 2021-11-21
Tianrun Group to pay tribute to the 100t 2021-07-03
Lubei Chemical Group Co., Ltd. va visita 2020-08-15
Yulong Copper Mine opens "green transpor 2020-05-20
Big ship shows "magic skills" 2020-04-25
Statement on criminals publishing false  2018-11-23

Waterway engineering, municipal public utilities, highway railway bridges, sewage treatment, thermal power, wind power, photovoltaic and biomass power station construction, water conservancy and hydropower, and port terminals, reef  cofferdams waterway dredging, docks , slides, inland navigation buildings, etc. 



Earnestly implement the Central Committee's "Opinions on Adh
ering to Party Leadership and Strengthening Party Building in D
eepening the Reform of State-Owned  Enterprises" , and regard 
party organizations  as the strongest organizational foundation 
for promoting enterprise reform and development,
  Cultural concept2019-10-25
  Enterprise spirit2019-10-25

- Committed to sustainable development, including the 
health and social well-being of members of society.
- Taking into account the expectations of stakeholders.
- Comply with applicable laws and regulations and be 
consistent with international codes of conduct.
- Fully integrated into the business and practiced in its
Engineering ship2019-10-25
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